Ways to define the meaning of music

2 Ways To Define Music

1. Define music Objectively

An analytical approach helps us to define music and understand the components of musical creations. To clarify, let’s break it down.

Simply put, beats and tones are the two basic elements that make up music. Music creators place beats and tones on a time signature, so we define music within the context of time. On the other hand, a musical piece is a complex combination of these two elements, with unlimited potential for unique creations in any genre.

The Art & Science of Evoking Emotions: Merriam-Webster emphasizes the ordering of tones by way of an art or science. Subsequently, we understand that the art and science of music are unified and fluid. Similarly, Lexico defines music by the the way vocal and instrumental pieces are compiled to produce a pleasing or expressive composition. The Free Dictionary also defines music by the way sounds are artistically arranged in time to evoke memories, feeling or images. Therefore, an expansive definition of music includes the ability to evoke our emotions.

Genres & Cultural Influence: Another way to logically define music is by organizing works into its specific genres. Categorization is an accepted way of understanding our world. Since music has such a large scale, we break it down into genre categories to make it easier to understand. But know, that a single, popular genre of music can heavily influence an entire culture or demographic of people. So let’s journey on, to understand of how music shapes us as individuals and as a society.

We also define music by everyday life and segments in time.

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2. Define Music Subjectively

Music is a personal experience for many and the meaning of music can vary, depending on the listener. So to truly grasp the essence of music, we need to get involved in the experience.

Music is deeply emmeshed in our culture, life events and experiences. Music moves us, inspires us, excites and motivates us. Song playlists provide entertainment for special events, festivals, restaurants, bars, pubs and coffee shops, just about any venue where people gather. Musical scores set the mood and emotional backdrop in movies, theatre and video game productions.

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We also define music by everyday life and segments in time. Pick one of your all-time favourite songs – why is it you never tire of listening to that particular song? Maybe you love the singers voice or the catchy beat. Maybe it’s that memorable chorus that you love to sing along with. In other words, our reaction to and interaction with music directly affects the meaning of music.

On a deep level, music can trigger a certain memory and give you an emotional shot or energy boost. Is the song so relatable it reminds you of who you are and what is really important to you? Quite simply, music makes us feel good! And this is the magic in music in action.

Quite simply, music makes us feel good!
and this is the magic in music in action.

– team magic

Without a doubt, we interweave our emotions and experiences with music. One of the greatest powers of music is the ability for its message to cross borders and cultures and speak to us in a universal language. Stay tuned for a future article, when we will journey on to understand the language of music.

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