How to become a songwriter

Become a Songwriter

You know that burning desire to become a songwriter that keeps churning in your gut and tormenting your mind?
That’s good.

You heard me right. Instead of fighting your passion to write music, let’s get into it! Even if you tell yourself that your songs are not good enough. Even if a sense of duty, or those around you are pushing for a traditional career or education. Be aware that a relentless desire to make music means you need to explore it and finally discover if it is a passing fancy or truly your path of destiny.

If songwriting fascinates you, know that writing music requires:
1) A passion as deep as the ocean
2) A ferocious determination
3) Usually, both

If you are still with me, let’s continue …

Embrace the discomfort of the gap between your unquenchable desire to be a Songwriter & your current skill level.

– Team Magic

Those Churning Emotions!

A lot of the discomfort we feel is the contrast between how we currently see ourselves and who we would like to become. When you observe musicians, singers and songwriters with a mix of admiration and envy, understand that this is also part of the process of becoming a songwriter. In fact, if there was no one to look up to, we may not have a clear path to self development. If you seek to become a songwriter, then you need goals – milestones of skill levels to achieve and talent to aspire to.

Embrace the discomfort of the gap between your unquenchable desire to be a songwriter and your current skill level. This is your workspace and you can use your emotions to achieve your goals.

In fact, songwriting is an art and a science and can be approached in many ways that are both commonly recognized or known only to the songwriter. Good songwriting often blends elements of pure spontaneous creation and formulas that are known to create popular music. To illustrate, let’s look at the songwriting styles:

What kind of songwriter are you?

Click the arrow of the statement that feels most like you …

New songwriters

Are you unsure which of the statements describes you most? This is just fine and actually quite natural. As a matter of fact, you can easily be a blend of both and your prominent style may change as you continue writing music.

Indeed, if you are new to songwriting, you will likely need a little more time and experience to understand your songwriting style. As a beginning songwriter, you may have penned just a few songs or jotted down some random lyrics or chord progressions. Even if you have not started writing at all, listen to this:

Are you ready?

This is a wonderful place to be! Your workspace is like a blank canvas, ready to receive all the colors and textures of your songwriting ideas. Further, as you develop your skills and passion, you will evolve as a songwriter and find your special niche.

With this in mind, let’s continue your songwriting journey; hop on board for 2 Ways To Start Writing Your Song and How to Channel Your Emotions into Songwriting.

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