Listening to music can change our mood in a minute even on a bleak day

Music is A Mirror

Music tops the list as one of the most universally enjoyed forms of entertainment, sharing space with movies and even video games. Certainly, we rate music highly for its entertainment value. Even so, are you curious how listening to music can change your mood in a minute? Let’s reflect on how music is a mirror that provides us with instant feedback.

The Mirror Reflection

We gravitate to music and pull it into our very existence. In return, music seduces us and pulls us into its vortex of swirling emotions. We echo music’s rhythm and tones by dancing, singing along, tapping a toe or nodding our heads to the beat. Whether shared or solo, our listening experience is interactive.

Music brings us joy and helps elevate our mood. Subsequently, we celebrate life events and express our happiness through music. Our mood becomes rosier when song lyrics emphasize a positive outlook. A peaceful, soulful refrain brings a soothing affect when life becomes too stressful. We create powerful memories and moments in time as music is etched into our experiences.

Listening to music brings back our memories

Drop the needle on the ol’ school music for a time bending journey.

Music! You are nostalgia’s partner in crime, yet you free our memories like no other.

– team magic

How We Reflect on Music

We hear a familiar song spinning on the vinyl or streaming from the Internet and are instantly transported back in time. Visual memories long forgotten now flash through our minds and old feelings, long let go, resurface and become new again. Music! You are nostalgia’s partner in crime, yet you free our memories like no other.

At any moment in time, we intentionally seek out music to affect us in mind, body and soul. Our moods and thoughts are reflective of our music selections. Likewise, music reflects its symphony of emotions on us.

Music provides a rear view for not only individuals, but for our collective societies. Historically, entire cultures have been formed or influenced by popular music of the era. You can take a deep dive on this subject at Wondrium’s, “Music As A Mirror of History”.

Music is a Mirror for Self Reflection

Our musical preferences can cause us to ponder who we are, who we want to be, and put us into a state of self reflection. Without a doubt, the music we love has a profound influence on how we see ourselves. Additionally, music can be a catalyst for self development as we explore new musical choices or discover deeper meaning in familiar music.

Our song playlist becomes our personal assistant for self growth and motivation. A spirited instrumental piece builds determination and help us follow through on our dreams. Baroque music develops intelligence and focus, making a great study partner. Lastly, a driving, energetic beat motivates us to get through a rigorous workout!

Listing to music | music is a mirror

Music choices influence our self perception and how others see us.

Music is a Mirror that Reflects on Us

We choose how to represent ourselves via our conscious music preferences. Our passion for certain genres reflects our unique character and personal culture. Consequently, family and friends understand us better by the music we love. Social events are of interest when featuring our preferred style of music. Similarly, we entertain by sharing our new artist discoveries.

Our musical choices may be fluid and changing over time, as is our self image. The type of music we select can be influenced by who we want to be and how we want others to see us; am I rebellious, am I intellectual, am I unique? When on a journey of self discovery, we can try on many different styles of music and swap out artists and bands from the past and present.

This is so powerful, that some may even claim a dramatic conclusion: Music is me.

– team magic

For some music lovers, music is our philosophy, our religion, and our medicine. I know many people who credit music for getting them through some of the hardest times of their life. I’ve heard friends say, “Music helped me heal where nothing else worked.” and “I am happiest when listening to music.” I have even heard people say, “I would not know who I am without my music.” This is so powerful, that some may even claim a dramatic conclusion: Music is me.

For certain, music is intimately meshed with our lives. We listen to music not only for entertainment, but as a way to understand ourselves and our world on a deeper level. And our distinct tastes in music become a part of our identity and an expression of who we are. Music is our Mirror.

What Do You See?

We would love to hear what music means to you! If you would like to share your reflections on music, drop us a note or share in the comments below.

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