Pour yourself a cup of music for a health tonice

Music Is A Tonic

We know that in music, the tonic is the starting point of the scale, or the root. Interestingly, music is a tonic for our overall health, as well.

One tasty fact about music is we instinctively consume tunes that make us feel good. In reality, we do not need an in-depth understanding to benefit from the holistic tonic of music. However, it does help to know a little about what types of music to listen to for different health benefits.

Drink Up The Mood Booster

A tonic is meant to give strength and vigor to those who drink it. When you need a boost, you can pour yourself a cup of music. If your energy is depleted or your mood is low, playing some upbeat tunes will give you a caffeine-free jolt or lift your mood. Experiment with different genres and songs, like Pharrell’s “Happy” or “Loan Digger” by Caravan Palace:

Let’s Get Physical

If increasing physical strength or endurance is the desired result, play that rhythmic music and move to the beat. Exercise of any kind is enhanced with the addition of music. Because it is enjoyable, music reduces the perceived physical effort. You may not even notice how long, or how intensely you are working out. Just dancing in the kitchen while making a meal is a great way to tone up your body while working up an appetite.

Digest This

Beautiful, soft music plays while you enjoy a delicious dinner for two. As the music creates the mood and encourages conversation, it also offers a great a health benefit for the evening meal.

Mellow music helps us to digest our food. The key is listening to relaxing music with a slower tempo as we dine. As we listen to slower rhythms, we subconsciously slow our rate of eating to match the tempo of the music. Taking smaller, less frequent bites and chewing longer is better for our digestive health. Slow, rhythmic music also causes our stomach muscles to relax, which further sets the stage for optimum digestion.

Enjoying meals with relaxing music is good for the digestion.

Plus, if losing weight is a goal, eating meals with relaxing music supports these efforts. As previously noted, our biological rhythms respond to the rhythms of music. A slower rhythm results in a slower rate of eating, which is good news, since nerves in our stomach can take up to 20 minutes to signal our brain that we are full. Consequently, we recognize when we are fully sated in time to prevent over eating.

Music is a Tonic for Our Nerves

Our neurological system can sometimes get out of balance, typically we get too wound up from the stressful demands of living. Music that is gentle and calming also calms our nervous system and eases anxiety. Our heart rate slows and we take longer, deeper breaths. Muscles relax in the body, which eases body pain and tension headaches. Listening to music we love in any tempo provides instant feedback to our pleasure centers, improving how we see ourselves and our environment.

Music as a Tummy Tonic

Our stomach serves a a dual purpose. Firstly, as our digestive organ which we focused on earlier. Secondly, as our immune control. Since a good portion of our immune cells reside in our our stomach, it make sense that our overall health is critical to the well-being of our intestinal floral and stomach cells. We know that stress and anxiety lowers the function of our immune system. Listening to music we love tends to lower anxiety and increase happy feelings, both of which give a boost to our immunity. Music gives a little love to our tummies. And a happy tummy is a happy you!

When you want a remedy for better health, music is a great tonic for your general well being. And unlike medications, there are no negative side effects. Unless you consider singing or spontaneous dancing a side effect.

Music is a great health tonic | Side effects include spontaneous dancing and singing

Music is a great health tonic (side effects may include having fun).

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